Valeria Torres-Olivares


Valeria is currently a Senior at Princeton University studying Public Policy and Computer Science. She discovered her passion for CS in High School and through Kode With Klossy, formerly as a student and now as an instructor assistant. She hopes to use her passion for civic engagement and tech to pursue tech policy and creating anti-racist technologies.

Kyara Torres-Olivares


Kyara is currently a Senior at Princeton High School. She started coding when she attended Kode With Klossy a couple summers ago and fell in love with it. She also loves to combine all of her passions like singing, sports, and doing volunteer work in her community.

Jorge Zreik


Jorge is currently a Senior at Princeton University studying Computer Science with certificates in Chinese and Entrepreneurship. He is from Miami, FL and has been coding since middle school. He has explored various aspects of computer science from video game design to quantum computing, but his most recent interests are digital art and web development.

Fabiola Corral

Fabiola is a third-year student at Princeton University pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and certificates in Computer Science and Dance. She is from Mexicali, Mexico and discovered her love for coding not so long ago at Princeton’s introductory CS course. Her current focus in CS is Artificial Intelligence, which she applies through machine learning algorithms to decode functional brain imaging data!

Anagha Rajagopalan

Anagha is a first-year at Princeton University pursuing a degree in Computer Science. She is from the Chicago suburbs, where she started a Girls Who Code club at her high school and has been coding ever since! Anagha enjoys spreading her passion for coding to underreached communities and especially loves working with kids.